Drue Kataoka

Artist, Technologist & CEO
Drue Kataoka Studios

Drue Kataoka is an artist-technologist-activist & CEO of Drue Kataoka Art Studios, the leading global art studio in Silicon Valley serving top collectors in 5 continents & over 30 countries. Influenced by Zen philosophy, technological innovation, and scientific breakthrough, Drue’s body of work across genres and media reflects her vision of the artwork as a living entity redefined in each interaction with a viewer. Her time dilation piece UP! was featured in the first zero-gravity art exhibit at the International Space Station. Named a Cultural Leader of the World Economic Forum & a Young Global Leader. Graduate of Stanford University. Recognized by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute with their award for lifetime commitment to social justice. The first visual artist & the first Asian American woman to be named the Clubhouse "icon." So far in 2021, Drue has raised over $500,000 for social causes ranging from the King Center, #StopAsianHate, and India COVID relief.


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